C++ Hack: Access Private Data Outside Class

How to access private data of a class from the outside world without messing with the original code of the class? Is there some way? Yes there is. Nothing is too difficult!

With a simple trick you can access the private data of a class and can mess with other people’s code. And guess what pointers will help us! And such hacks (like the one we are doing one here) probably would have been the reason behind not allowing pointers in other higher level languages. Continue reading


Mystery Behind “Error 418″

You would have seen lots of server errors like 404 not found, 403 forbidden, 400 bad request (i am sick of this one by gmail), 502 bad gateway, 503 service unavailable, etc and lots of others. But I bet you would have never came across “Error 418: I’m a teapot”.

This is the funniest error and I found this perfect for my new blog’s title. And in this first Tech post for my blog I’ll be writing about this only.
So here we go! Continue reading

My First Post

My First Post: Error 418

So finally I am making my first post on my blog “Error 418″. I always wanted to have a blog to share the stuff I get to know everyday but never had enough time to write that somewhere. Today finally I have started my blog and I hope that I’ll be able to maintain it for a long period.

[button link="http://vipulkumar.tk/mystery-behind-error-418/" type="icon" icon="question"] What’s the mystery behind the name “Error 418″ ?[/button]

Here at “Error 418″, I’ll be posting mostly about technology and other geeky stuff. But this is not it! A very few people know that I am a poet too and I hope to share some on my (not so personal) poems here. Apart from that here I’ll be posting about my experiments, new tips/tricks and whatever I learn everyday.

Finally I have managed to find some time out of my busy schedule for the blog. I have two projects pending right now and need to deliver on time (one is already late :( ) but still I managed to get time for the blog and here I am making my first post on “Error 418″ when I should be finishing up pending work :P .